Purchase New! Volquartsen NV-22 Semi-Auto Rim fire Rifle with Gray Magpul Stock

Volquartsen Rifle- Aim for impeccable exactness performance with the Volquartsen® VM-22 Semi-Auto Rim fire Rifle with Magpul® Stock. that includes a light-weight, sort three onerous Associate in Nursingodized atomic number 13 receiver and a featherweight, rib carbon-wrapped Master of Theology Ultrafine™ barrel, this rifle delivers tack-driving performance and precision, ideal for tiny game searching and competitive shooting.  The tensioned, carbon-fiber wrapped barrel boasts superb, sub-MOA performance accuracy with bottom weight, whereas an anodized aluminum forward blow compensator just about eliminates recoil for quick follow-up shots. The aluminum receiver boasts an integrated 1913 Pica tinny rail, without delay accretive a spread of optics, while the lightweight 2.25 lb. TG2000 trigger offers consistent, steady, dependable performance. Made of glass-reinforced polymer, the Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock options associate in nursing adjustable length of pull and comb height for optimum match and a 60° grip angle for improved applied science and control. M-LOK™ slots without delay settle for a spread of aftermarket accessories and sling mounts, whereas a non-slip, rubberized butt pad ensures a cushy fit and finish, additionally as further reduced recoil for optimal precision. Created in USA.

The VM-22 Rifle features a Superlight Barreled Action fitted to a Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock. This mixture makes for an unbelievably well balanced rifle suited to offhand or bench rest shooting. This mixture is not solely extraordinarily correct however conjointly an awfully lightweight, versatile rifle.

Carbon-wrapped Associate in nursing rib Master of Theology Ultrafine barrel

Sort three onerous anodized atomic number 13 receivers

Sub-MOA performance accuracy

Anodized aluminum forward blow compensator

Integrated 1913 Pica tinny rail

2.25 lb. TG2000 trigger

Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock

M-LOK slots

Non-slip, rubberized butt pad

Adjustable LOP and comb height

Improved applied science and management:

The VM-22 Rifle options a Superlight Barreled Action fitted to a Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock. This mixture makes for an unbelievably well balanced rifle suited for offhand or bench rest shooting.

This mixture isn’t solely extraordinarily correct however conjointly a awfully lightweight, versatile rifle.


Black receiver is sort III onerous Associate in Nursingodized

1/2 x twenty eight rib muzzle

Atomic number 13 Forward Blow Compensator enclosed (compensator is removable)

Adjustable LOP from 12.5”–14.5” with 0.50” Spacers

Black receiver is sort III hard anodized

Receiver options threaded in barrel

Integral Pica tinny rail

This item should ship to an FFL dealer.

Basic Rules of Firearms Safety:

• Before using Associate in nursing gun, learn the mechanical and handling characteristics of your firearm.

• Ne’er purpose the muzzle in an unsafe direction.

• Take care to unload the firearm once not in use.

• Check the barrel before shooting. Lookout to form sure There aren’t any obstructions.

• Check your target totally before shooting. Observe of something or anyone shut by.

• Wear protecting shooting glasses and hearing protection when shooting.

• Ne’er climb a tree, fence, or alternative structure with a loaded firearm.

• Ne’er shoot at any pave or at water.

• Ne’er transport a loaded gun.

• Ne’er North American country any firearm once below the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Your Volquartsen Semi-Auto Rifle was designed to control and perform properly because it left the factory. Any alterations will cause the firearm to become unsafe. Don’t substitute any half or accent that’s not created by Volquartsen Firearms. If a repair becomes necessary for any reason, please contact us therefore we tend to can repair your firearm properly. Any alterations of this rifle by anyone then again Volquartsen Firearms can void the warrant and any future work required is going to be charged at our full search rate.

Trigger Mechanism:

Your Volquartsen Semi-Auto Rifle options a target trigger that has been planned for trigger pull weight and optimum performance.

It features internal elements created to exacting tolerances. Any modifications to the current unit or its parts will cause the gun to malfunction and/or become unsafe. Any alterations to the trigger mechanism by anyone other than Volquartsen Firearms will void the warranty and any subsequent work required is going to be charged at our full search rate.

Manual Safety:

This rifle options a cross-button safety that’s settled within the forward portion of the trigger guard. The security must always be in the “safe” position unless the gun is really fired. Ne’er swear on a security mechanism to justify careless handling or permitting the gun to be pointed in Associate in nursing unsafe direction. The sole thanks to guarantee safety is with the bolt open, the chamber empty, and no magazine in the rifle.


The gun could hearth if it’s mishandled, dropped, or smitten with the security within the “fire” position. Invariably confirm the chamber is empty and therefore the magazine is removed once the firearm isn’t

Being used.


First, insert the loaded rotary magazine into the Volquartsen Semi-Auto Rifle. Load a cartridge into the chamber by absolutely retracting the bolt handle. Unharnessed the bolt handle and let the bolt

Go forward. Don’t RIDE THE BOLT HANDLE because it GOES FORWARD**.

Take care the rifle’s safety is within the “safe” position throughout this method and be sure your finger is off the trigger. The rifle is currently absolutely loaded, and it ought to stay in the “safe” position till it’s able to be fired.

Barrel improvement

The barrel should be clean solely from rear of tube to muzzle using cleaning implement cleaning system. Lock the bolt open via the bolt save feature of your rifle. Any use of a cleaning rod from the muzzle finish can void the warrant and greatly affect accuracy.

22LR – we tend to advocate that you simply clean the barrel or so each 500-600 rounds.

17HMR – we tend to recommend that you clean the barrel approximately every 200-250 rounds.

22WMR – we tend to recommend that you clean the barrel approximately every 200-250 rounds.

It’s going to be necessary to wash the chamber space on a lot of frequent basis exploitation solely a cotton swab.

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